Thursday, 2 February 2012

Luz Arias

Jewelry has always been my dream
I have always wanted to be jeweler
it is paradise and strugle
it is a mirror
where I can see
things I been trying to hide
It is a playground and a nightmare
a fight and my place in the world
jewelry can stretch a bit and be a spoon
or a crown
even I like  metal the most
it is tough  has its own rules
hard but melt opaque and
love hammering, the  profound loneliness of the dark gold
and  the clear sound of the metals.
curiosity brought me and drove me to
places of resin and wood
colors and freshness
limits that open
to a meaning full
path walk
it's the place to be lost
and stay there until
some ring come and
pick me
being suspended
is also the in between
one thing is not yet there
and the other is not gone...
waiting... for the thing to happen

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