Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Margherita de Martino Norante

Margherita is from Florence and really loves to live in her home town. She took her degree in Idustrial Design and then studied Jewerly at Alchimia and hand engraving at Le Arti Orafe. As teachers she’s had Manfred Bishoff, Manuel Vilhena and for short workshops Bernhard Schobinger and Arline Fish.
In 2010, together with her friend Eugenia Ingegno, she has started 1x1 collective, a project with the aim of spreading and showcasing contemporary jewelry in an simple and direct way. She has organized some exhibitions for the collective and took part in others like: Alchemic Experiences (Lorber Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel), Conceptual Jewelry exhibition (Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia), Premio Fondazione Cominelli (Cominelli Foundation, Cisano di San Felice, Brescia, Italy), JOYA Fair (contemporary jewellery week Barcelona with 1x1), and she has been selected for Schmuck 2012 (Munich, Germany). Her work is also present in some private and public collections.

About her work:

I like making single standing pieces of jewellery. They are all different but have a common starting point: the idea that jewellery talks about the wearer.

A piece of jewelry is a powerful instrument of communication. It is worn on the body or on top of clothing so it's directly between our self and the world. Not only is the first thing to be seen, but more than clothes, it is superfluous and one makes a conscientious decision to wear it.

So I make puppets, reproduce undergarments, play with fetish and icons coming from my culture, education and everyday things.
My pieces are my way of ironically reflecting on human frailty and on those contrasting wishes of revealing, hiding and disguising oneself that each of us recognises.

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