Monday, 27 February 2012

Karin Roy Andersson”The joy of repetition really is on me”

- Hot Chip

I am a long distance runner. The urge for repeating movements over and over again, methodically and resolutely is something that is significant for both my personality and my work. Running kilometre after kilometre or sawing up and down hour after hour. Multiplicity and recurrence attract me. The variations between the details become important creating patterns and rhythms. I am aiming to make jewellery where dynamic patterns form harmony and balance.

I am a collector always searching, always hunting. Constantly consuming, chewing, grinding. Once I have got caught in a loop of repetitions, a routine I find it very hard to stop. Misuse, mantra or mania - I identify with the repeated persistent movement and the constant grinding.

My works are self-portraits made of my latest addiction, or more correctly what remains after consuming kilograms and kilograms of it. They are traces of an unnecessary consumption; to collect and use them eases my conscience.

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