Friday, 6 January 2012

Melanie Codarin

Food for Thought

What are you eating and how is it produced?
Industrial farming systems are highly productive but at what cost…

The Food for Thought series is a self-directed project that aims to provoke thought about the negative implications of industrial farming processes. The notion of ‘change’ is explored visually through modified generic figurative shapes and borrows on the language of badges. On the back of the pieces are sourced quotes.

Melanie aims to create tension and a second look through the juxtaposition of mutated figures and the lightness and beauty of the materials used.

Her work is inspired by ‘graphic’ forms, natural and man-made, she modifies or even mutates the things she sees, and create new contexts for them so they take on a new life, and new perceived meanings for the wearer. She enjoy seeing the narrative organically unfold and the influence that different materials have on the new forms.

Computer technologies as well as hand drawing play a key role in Melanie's creative process, as does the use of mixed media with a particular preference for wood and its derivatives. An important part of her practice is ethically sensitive production choices and sourcing of materials.

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