Friday, 9 March 2012

Rhona McCallum

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art’s Jewellery and Silversmithing department in 2011, and since then have undertaken a residency at the Glasgow School of Art. The work selected for this exhibition comes from my degree show collection.

I am fascinated by natural landscapes, in particular that of the west coast of Scotland. Lines and surfaces from geological forms and coastal plant life from this weather-beaten region have inspired my current collection. By transforming these details into linear compositions, I create intricate structures. Layering and repetition of straight lines allows three-dimensional structures and clusters to develop; the movement achieved highlights the wild and ever-changing environment of these coastlines.

I develop my designs through mixed-media drawing and photography, alongside material development in the workshop. I interpret textures, both natural and drawn, through processes such as reticulating the surface of the metal, and use heat to colour and tarnish brass wire. The controlled and restricted forms offer a contrast to the unpredictable nature of the surface techniques used.

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